Using resources found here on our class Wiki and/or on your own, design a presentation based on the persecutions found in modern day and McCarthyism. Design your presentation using a technological method that works well for you (Prezi, Google Sites or Slides, PowerPoint, Wikispaces, Weebly, etc.). You will be given class time to research; however, more time may be needed outside of class. Once you have researched and put together your presentation, you will share it with Mrs. Young at

You are responsible for the following:

2 images/video clips per persecution
1 paragraph of summary per persecution
3-5 interesting facts per persecution (these may be bullet points)

Your minimum requirement is to do this for TWO persecutions--one of which must be modern. You can do a modern and McCarthyism, OR two modern day persecutions.

[So, there will be one summary paragraph, 3-5 interesting facts, and two images/video clips per persecution (minimum)]

For your image/video clip, you may use school appropriate images or clips from a film that has been created about your chosen persecution (if one exists). Be sure to provide a caption with the image or clip that gives some background of what we are seeing.

**Share electronically with Mrs.Young (


Some historical persecutions and coinciding websites that provide background information. Feel free to go beyond these sources, but make sure to cite your information.



Armenian Genocide:

Apartheid—South Africa:

Cambodia in the 1970's:

Native Americans—The Trail of Tears:

Japanese-American Relocation During WWII:

Other Potential Topics:
  • Gay Rights in America
  • Racism in America (Little Rock Nine, Civil Rights Movement)
  • ...Others? Feel free to ask us about any other potential topics that you come up with on your own.


  • Prezi
  • Google Sites or Google Slides
  • PowerPoint
  • Wikispaces (Allows you to create your own website, which could be used to create a presentation)
  • Weebly (Another website creator)


One of the most horrific persecutions of all time was the Holocaust; the mass murder of six million Jews and millions of other people leading up to, and during, World War II. The killings took place in Europe between 1933 and 1945, and were organized by the German Nazi party which was led by Adolf Hitler. The largest group of victims were Jewish people. Nearly 7 out of every 10 Jews living in Europe were killed; most were killed because they belonged to certain racial or religious groups which the Nazis wanted to wipe out. Many Jews were killed in extermination camps, while others starved to death or died of disease due to horrible living conditions. Hitler and the Nazis believed that their Aryan race, and Germany, was superior to other races and other countries. Very few survivors of the Holocaust are still alive; however, it is important to hear their stories so that such a genocide never occurs again.

Project Guidelines and Rubric:


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